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Prairie Creek Aquatics

Everything Aquarium & Tropical Freshwater Fish Related in Small-Town Watkins, Iowa

Get To Know Us

Prairie Creek Aquatics was established in 2018 and has been breeding fish since then. We display around 180 tanks inside the fish room and have 20 small ponds outside of our store. In the summer, some of our fish are moved outside to live and breed in these small ponds.

What Makes Us Special


We are a small, family-owned and operated business. 

Home-Bred & Raised

Though some are imported, we are focused on locally bred and raised fish. 

Years of Knowledge

Over 40 years of combined knowledge of aquatics between store associates.


“Life is better with an aquarium... or ten.”

 - Aquarists with "Multiple Tank Syndrome"

Contact Us


7828 26th Ave,

Watkins, IA 52354


(641) 295-5781

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Opening Hours

We are currently open by appointment only. Contact us to schedule a visit!

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